MentorBox – A subscription program for people who are in constant pursuit of learning

February 17, 2019
Learning is all about acquiring new knowledge and skills through education and life experiences. It is an intangible thing. It is something that nobody can take away from you. Many people don’t feel the need to invest in intangible things. They invest more in tangible materials like a house, business, cars, and the likes. What these people don’t realize is that intangibles are the greatest assets because you can use them to further improve yourself and your life as a whole. Learning new knowledge and skills, in particular, will enable you to grow from where you are today. If you want to be successful, then you should not outgrow your need for learning.

Why subscribe to MentorBox?

Change is the only constant in this world. If you want to progress in many aspects of life, then you should commit to learning. After all, it is a lifelong process. Fortunately, there is a program committed to helping cultivate a habit of learning. It is called MentorBox.

MentorBox introduces a new way of learning. If you are someone who is in constant pursuit of learning, then MentorBox is for you. It is a self-development subscription program that aims to improve your knowledge and level up your skillset. If you subscribe to MentorBox, you will receive reading materials along with tools you can use to further advance the learning process.

The reading materials are in the form of books, which are carefully curated by top-selling authors and highest level thinkers. The reading materials aim to reignite the spark of learning. There are two subscription options: online and offline. For those who love reading, the offline subscription is the ideal choice. It is where you get to receive the books in physical form. Every month, a box full of reading and learning materials is delivered to your doorstep.
An online subscription is the best option for people who want to make use of their subscription anytime and anywhere. You will receive the reading materials in digital form. Aside from the reading materials, you will also receive other tools like a study guide, laminated cheat sheets, workbook, audio summary, and video presentation. These tools and materials will enhance the learning process. They make learning fun, engaging, and interactive.

Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez were the men behind MentorBox. Tai Lopez is a social media influencer who owns a successful book club. He is also a successful online marketer. On the other hand, Alex Mehr is a former NASA scientist. He is an Iranian immigrant and the co-founder of Zoosk. Together, they started MentorBox in 2016.